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Tips on Organizing Your Home Office

A woman sits at a desk in a brightly lit room and smiles at a laptop in front of her.

With more companies offering options to work from home, many people are finding themselves in a new environment, enjoying the comfort and flexibility of working outside the office. However, this also brings its own challenges. Having a home office can make it easier to focus on tasks at hand, but finding the space for your setup isn’t always an easy task.  

This guide from Advantage Storage will help you identify areas of your home to set up an office, how to get organized, and where to store unnecessary clutter to make your work from home experience as successful as possible.  

Designate an Office Space

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is choosing where to set up your office space. If you’re lucky, you may have a spare room that isn’t used or is used infrequently that you can transform into a workspace. If you’re short on room, you might have to get a little creative. Kitchen nooks, living room corners, and even closets are great alternatives for a compact, efficient office space. If possible, choose an area with low traffic so you can avoid distractions or interruptions during video calls. 

Organize Your Space

When you’re assembling your office it may feel a bit cramped, especially if you don’t have a dedicated room for your workspace. Take time to identify items that aren’t essential to your daily routine or have just become clutter such as boxes of old documents, pens and markers that don’t work. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of items you need to organize, a storage unit is a great place to keep these belongings organized and out of your way. 

Store Extra Furnishings 

As your office space starts to come together, make sure those extra items are carefully packed and ready to move. If you’re new to self storage, take time to explore resources such as first time renter guides and packing tips to make sure you’re fully prepared for move-in day. For furniture, use covers to protect against scratches and scuffs during transport and dirt and dust while being stored. 

A Place for Your Growing Inventory

Whether you’re just starting out as a small business owner or have been running your own company for years, self storage is a great place to store excess inventory and business documents. Adding storage shelves and baskets for items will help you maximize your space while keeping everything organized and easily accessible. Make sure to label boxes and keep popular items toward the front of your unit for easy access. It might also be helpful to create a map of your storage unit, for ease of access finding a particular item or rearranging as inventory grows. 

Rent Your Storage Unit Today! 

Working from home can be a nice change of pace from being in an office. From hybrid schedules that allow you to be home a few days a week to running your own business from a spare bedroom, a well-thought out set up is important to staying focused on your work. Creating a dedicated and organized workspace can give  you a place to keep all of your materials and keep distractions at bay. When you’re ready to build a home office, or need a place to keep growing inventory, Advantage Storage has you covered. Enjoy a variety of storage unit sizes, convenient amenities, and clean, well-lit facilities across five states.  

Contact our knowledgeable storage staff or rent or reserve your unit online and make your dream space a reality today. 

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