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Business Storage

Not unlike your home, your workspace can easily be overwhelmed with clutter. When you’re running a business, though, a lot of that clutter may actually be important items you need to keep your business running smoothly. This can complicate your solutions for making enough space long term, especially when acquiring a new space or renovating isn’t an option. 

For situations when off-site storage can help your business run more smoothly in its current space, Advantage Storage has storage units that can help support your operations. If you do eventually choose to tackle a move or renovation of your business space, we can help then too. We offer month-to-month rentals to help give you a high level of flexibility with your business storage rental. 

Commercial Storage To Support Your Operations 

Space is critical to keeping your business running. Whether you want to move your extra supplies to free up room around your functional workspace, need a solution that allows you to store e-commerce or other inventory in greater volume, or are looking for room to keep your less frequently used equipment, a self storage unit can help you figure out a better solution. 

In addition to being helpful as additional storage, business storage units can also make a great home base for keeping items for completely or partially mobile businesses. Contractors, landscapers, painters, and others can use a storage unit as a central place for important equipment and supplies.

Secure Document Storage

Papers pile up, and many of them are too important to simply throw out. Fortunately, self storage units can be great places for secure document and file storage. Just rent a small storage unit and place your boxes or filing cabinets inside if/when you need your records and files again. Just make sure to clearly label your boxes and organize your files to make accessing everything a bit easier later on. 

Temporary Business Storage for Moves and Renovations

Although there are tons of helpful long-term uses of self storage for businesses, short-term storage rentals can also help you while you shepherd your organization through a physical move or a workspace renovation. At Advantage Storage, our month-to-month rentals mean you won’t be trapped in a long-term rental, so you can always change storage unit sizes or end your rental when circumstances change. 

Business Storage Features

While you’re selecting a storage unit for your business at Advantage Storage, you may have the option to choose additional self storage features, like climate control and drive-up access. These features can help you get the most out of your storage rental, and make using your commercial storage space easier for you and your employees. 

Climate-Controlled Storage

Recommended for storing temperature-sensitive items like documents, photographs, wooden and leather furniture, and appliances, climate-controlled storage can help your stored items weather the storm—literally! At Advantage Storage, our climate-controlled units are maintained within milder temperature ranges, so your important business supplies, documents, and equipment won’t have to endure all the extremes the seasons can throw your way. 

Drive-Up Access Storage 

Moving heavy items, or just need to be sure you can access your storage quickly? Drive-up access storage can be a big help. With drive-up storage units, you can pull your personal or company vehicle right up to the storage space and load and unload your items without having to carry them for any extra distance.

Vehicle Storage Solutions

Here at Advantage Storage, we know that finding the right vehicle storage solution can be tough. If your company has extra vehicles that are currently not being used or need backup parking while your parking lot undergoes construction, check out your nearest Advantage Storage location to explore your vehicle storage options. 

Rent Storage for Your Business at Advantage Storage

Get the business storage space you’ve been looking for now at Advantage Storage. Our storage locations across Texas, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Tennessee are here to support you with secure storage solutions and helpful features and amenities. Just choose a location near you to get started. From there, you’ll be able to rent or reserve a storage unit that fits your size and feature requirements completely online. Just contact your local storage location with any additional questions. Our expert team is here to help!