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Moving Supplies

Self storage can be used for a wide variety of reasons, such as for student storage, navigating a life event, or simply adding more space to your home or business. One of the most common reasons to use self storage is to help with the logistics of a move, be it personal or business. At Advantage Self Storage, we sell moving supplies on-site and offer the resources you need to make your move to and from self storage easier.

Wrap, Covers, and Pads

Often, the hardest part of moves is transporting large items in your home. Sofas, mattresses, chairs, couches, and appliances are heavy and unwieldy and can be easily damaged during the move. We provide a variety of furniture covers, mattress covers, moving pads, shrink wrap, and bubble wrap to help ensure your large items make it in one piece.


Every move needs boxes. We supply small, medium, large, and extra large boxes on-site for a variety of everyday items. We also sell a special wardrobe box that can be outfitted with a hanger bar for easy movement of clothing.

Carts, Dollies, and Trucks

Our facilities offer free use of carts and dollies to help you move heavy items or boxes efficiently to your unit. In addition, some of our locations offer free use of our own moving truck or complementary access to U-Haul trucks to make transporting your items from your home or business to our units and back again a breeze.

Move With the Help of Advantage

Whether you’re a self storage veteran or a first-time storage unit user, Advantage Self Storage can assist with your move into and out of our units by providing the moving supplies and resources you need for a pain-free move. With dozens of locations across Texas, Arizona, and Colorado, there’s a storage unit for you with your name on it somewhere. Got questions about moving supplies? Contact us today!