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11 Aug
A man vacuuming dirt and dust from a bare mattress in a bedroom
How to Prepare a Mattress for Storage

Storing your mattress involves more than taking a bed apart and packing it away. Learn how to properly prep your mattress for self storage.

28 Jul
movers unloading a moving van
10 Questions to Ask Any Moving Company Before You Decide on Hiring Them

Before you hire a moving company, ask these ten questions to ensure you’re getting the best customer service, safety, and pricing.

15 Jul
a hand drawn map of a storage unit in a notebook
3 Ways a Map of Your Storage Unit Helps You Stay Organized

Using a map to plan out your storage unit is one great way to ensure you know where to find everything in your space. Get organized and make your map today.

01 Jul
woman holding a passport, waiting at the airport for a flight
How to Use Storage During a Move Abroad

If you’re moving out of the country for a few months or longer, self storage can help allow you to move with minimal headache (and keep everything organized for when you come back).