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What is the Most Common Storage Unit Size?

A hallway of indoor storage units with orange doors.

Choosing the ideal storage unit for your needs can seem challenging, especially for anyone new to self storage. If you’ve been wondering what types of units tend to be most popular, we’ve got you covered with our guide on everything from understanding space requirements to practical usage considerations. 

Read on for a breakdown of the most common storage sizes and some valuable guidance on selecting storage space for your belongings.

Storage Unit Dimensions Guide

A row of outdoor drive-up storage units with red doors on a clear day.

As we analyze the most sought-after options for storage unit dimensions, it’s important to note that everyone’s ideal unit size will differ depending on what needs to be stored and how much money has been budgeted.

While most storage facilities offer sizes between 5×5 and 10×30, this varies by location and may depend on additional features you’re looking for, such as climate control and drive-up access. Here are the most commonly rented storage unit sizes:

10×10 Storage Unit

By a landslide, the most common storage unit size is 10×10. A 100-square-foot storage unit is approximately the area of a standard guest bedroom and lies in the Goldilocks zone, which is just the right size for everything ranging from furniture to boxes to small vehicles.

This space can be incredibly adaptable to your needs, allowing you to arrange your storage in whatever way works best for you. We recommend this storage unit size for anyone seeking personal storage solutions, whether you’re renovating your basement or in between leases.

5×5 Storage Unit

If you’d like to have a secure place for extra belongings but don’t feel as though you meet the space requirements to justify renting a 10×10 unit, you can save money by renting a convenient 5×5 space.

Commonly referred to as storage lockers, a 25-square-foot space is among the smallest available storage units and can serve as an additional closet for documents, seasonal decorations, and smaller furniture items. Additionally, storage lockers are perfect for college students who want a space to stash their belongings over summer break.

10×30 Storage Unit

A semi-truck unloading inventory into a drive-up storage unit.

Are you a business professional looking for a space solution for excess inventory and office furniture? We advise renting a 10×30 storage unit, the largest available standard storage unit. Aside from holding all your home’s furniture with room to spare for the family car, 300-square-foot storage units can serve as a garage for business storage. Additionally, many storage facilities offer delivery acceptance services, allowing you to ship inventory to your unit.

Common Sizes for Vehicle Storage

Beyond boxes and bedroom furnishings, many storage facilities provide spaces to keep vehicles, including boat and RV storage. Most parking spaces for vehicles are between 10×20 and 10×35, allowing ample room for motorboats and large RVs, and can vary in whether they are covered, uncovered, or indoors. Your perfect space size will be whatever you think is best for your vehicle.

Discover Your Ideal Unit Size at Advantage Storage

As you decide which unit size will best fit your storage needs, having the flexibility to select a unit that satisfies all your desires may seem too good to be true—Advantage Storage begs to differ. Our storage facilities boast a range of unit sizes equipped with various features to give you options when selecting storage space.
Find your ideal storage unit at a location near you, and don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our available storage solutions.

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