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Must Have Storage Features for Collectibles

From baseball cards to vinyl records, you never know what you’ll find in a storage unit. These features are 100% necessary for storing any kind of collectible items. an image of antiques lined up against a wall

Whether it’s trading cards, sports memorabilia, or antique items, most of us have something we like to collect. What we collect often reflects our interests, our values, and even our identity. It’s important that when it comes time to store them—such when moving to a new home—they aren’t neglected.

Considering moving your collectibles to create some space in your home? Self storage is one of the best options you can choose! At Advantage Storage, we’re experts at finding convenient, affordable storage solutions no matter what kinds of items you plan on storing. Learn about some of the must-have features you’ll need for stowing collectibles in a storage unit.

Don’t place them in basements or attics.

The number one rule of storing anything collectible? Don’t leave it where it could be exposed to damage from the elements. That includes attics and basements, which can be hot spots for moisture, mold, and other types of damage. The only caveat to this is when your basement is finished, and even then, you may be one flood or power outage away from catastrophe.

Avoid direct sunlight.

Since many storage facilities offer storage units indoors, direct sunlight isn’t as much of an issue. If your stored collectibles are staying in your home, however, you’ll want to move them out of the way of any windows where the sun’s harsh rays can touch them for too long. Photographs can fade and colors on clothing can change. Sometimes the sun even causes items to rot and decompose!

Keep them away from hazardous chemicals or paints.

Much like avoiding direct sunlight or moisture, store collectibles in a place that’s free of potential exposure to chemicals or paints. Even a drop of paint on an antique can lower the value of the item significantly, and harsh chemicals such as paint thinners or industrial cleaners could do even more damage! In general, these items should be kept on a high shelf in your garage or properly disposed of to eliminate any danger.

Invest in climate-controlled storage from Advantage Storage.

Climate-controlled storage is one of the most important investments you can make when it comes to storing collectibles. These storage units are often located inside a facility and are heated and cooled to keep them at a single consistent temperature throughout the year. This is vital for items that are subject to warping in extreme heat or susceptible to condensation in the winter, such as vinyl records, wooden furniture, or electronics. When you choose climate-controlled storage for your collectibles, you’re offering them protection from the elements. When the time comes to store your collectibles, vehicles, or other items that you treasure, visit your nearest Advantage Storage location today. Many of our facilities are equipped with climate-controlled storage, and our friendly staff is always standing by to help!

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