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How to Transform Your Backyard on a Budget

A red broom with a wooden handle sits among a pile of greenery that has been swept up.

From long days at the office to dropping kids off at soccer practice to hosting family from out of town, life can get hectic pretty quickly. For many, having a place to escape from daily tasks is a great way to relax and unwind. In many situations, especially during the summer months, that place is a backyard, garden, or terrace. 

What do you do if you have the space but nothing to fill it? It may be time for a backyard transformation. Upgrading your backyard doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. A few simple steps can turn a basic green space into an outdoor oasis. From small lawns to giant ones, Advantage Storage has some of the best ways to transform your yard on a budget.

Make a Plan

An important first step in your backyard transformation process is to make a plan for your yard. Draw out your dream space even if you think it may be out of your budget. Try not to get bogged down by what is realistic because even if it seems crazy, there might be a way to implement something similar while staying within your budget.

While your lawn may not turn out just like your plan, having ideas laid out will help you to establish what you want in a yard and the bigger elements you should transform. Things like a deck or a pool are good things to know ahead of time so you can make room for them even if you cannot afford them immediately. 

Use DIY Solutions

The main expense of transforming a backyard is hiring professionals to do it for you. When you are transforming your backyard on a budget, doing it yourself (DIY) is an inexpensive solution to get what you want without spending too much. Planters, decks, patio furniture, and even water features can have DIY solutions that will save you money.

Before buying anything for your backyard, look online for DIY instructional guides. Not only is it usually cheaper, but it also adds a unique touch to your backyard that can’t be duplicated. Doing things yourself can also teach you new skills that will make maintaining and improving your backyard even easier in the future.

Garden Smarter

While bright and beautiful florals may catch your eye, a lot of these options are typically annual flowers that won’t last year after year. Replacing your flower garden every year can get pricey, which is why we recommend choosing native perennials to line your walkway and fill your backyard. These plants can last several years if cared for properly and will save you money in the long run.

When it comes to transforming your backyard on a budget, gardening smarter isn’t just about flowers. Using mulch and gravel to cut down on grass can help you save on water and time involved in maintenance. If you live in a humid area that doesn’t get too cold, you can trade out your grass for moss, which never needs to be cut.

Think vertically as well. You can hang plants, have living fences, and have shelves of plants to make your background feel full of life. Overall, thinking about the small things when it comes to your backyard can make a huge difference in both the quality and the price tag of your backyard.

Reuse if you Can

As the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” The same is true with DIY solutions. An old tire or hubcap can be garbage to some but for others, a unique decoration used in planters. An empty can can be something to throw away or can be made into a torch or wind chimes. You don’t have to buy anything if you can reuse items in your house. 

You can use a cracked bowl for a hanging plant, or an old log can be used to decorate a water feature. The possibilities are endless for reusing items that you may have considered throwing away. The best thing about reusing these things is that it is free. It just requires creativity and time to make it work.

Create Paths and Trails

Paths can transform your backyard from a field to a destination, and can be done fairly inexpensively. Pathways provide depth to a backyard and draw the eye along them, allowing you to create areas of interest that people are drawn to. And they can be cheap. Not every path needs to be large flat stones or paved, they can be made of mulch, gravel, or other materials. As long as you can walk along it comfortably, almost any material will do.

Invest Wisely

Most importantly, be sure to invest wisely when transforming your backyard on a budget. Even if you take these tips to heart, there will be things that you will need to purchase and invest in for the sake of transforming your backyard. Shop around at different stores and garage sales to find the best deals before you invest. 

Follow these tips and you can transform your backyard with ease. The only thing that will be more jaw-dropping than the before and after photos is how little you paid for the transformation.

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