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How to Store Patio Furniture During Winter Months

Wicker patio furniture sits on a deck

Snow is about to fall, and soon all you see will be covered in a fresh coat of sparkling white. For as beautiful as this can be, without the right precautions, winter can do serious damage to certain parts of your household: namely, your patio furniture. The weight and wetness of snow can tear, crush, or tarnish many of the items you decorate your patio with through the other seasons, so before its first arrival, you’re better off having an actionable plan to safely, cleanly store those belongings.

In this blog, Advantage Storage wants to provide you a go-to guide for the best patio furniture storage ideas and tips to preserve your belongings. Once we’ve covered all the most important details, we’ll express the ways in which a self storage option can make your patio furniture winter storage stress-free.

Patio Furniture Storage Ideas

There’s no one approach to effective patio furniture storage. Depending on what assets and options you have available, you may have a variety of choices presented. However, all of them are likely to have a few qualities in common.

Store Cushions in a Dry, Cool Place

As the weather starts to cool down and winter encroaches on the end of the year, spend extra time preparing your cushions so that they last for years to come. One of the best ways to protect your cushions is by storing them in a dry, cool place. This prevents them from developing mold or mildew through prolonged exposure to the elements, retains their shape and color, and make them more comfortable to use once spring sets in and the weather warms up.

In fact, this principle of prioritizing a dry, cool place as storage for patio furniture is a tip you should keep in mind throughout the rest of the article. Its benefits are consistently helpful, whether talking about cushions or otherwise.

Hang Umbrellas or Place them in a Storage Bag

When it comes to storing your patio umbrellas, you have a few options. You can leave your umbrella out in the elements, which may cause it to fade or sustain damage from snow that piles up on top. You can also take it down and store it indoors, which will protect it from the elements but take up valuable space in your home.

If you choose to store your umbrella outdoors, make sure to clean it thoroughly before doing so. This will remove any dirt or debris that could lead to mold or mildew growth. Be sure to dry the umbrella completely before storing it, as well.

If you opt to store your umbrella indoors, as with the cushions, find a cool, dry place for it. A basement or garage is often ideal, though if you have a shed, you can make use of that, as well. Wrap the umbrella in a soft cloth to protect it from scratches, and be sure not to pack anything else on top of it during storage.

Stack or Nest Your Tables and Chairs

The next in our patio furniture storage ideas is in regards to tables and chairs. Stack or nest tables and chairs to save space and prevent them from accruing wear and tear. The moisture of winter can shave years off their lives.

Be sure to clean and dry the furniture before storing it for the winter. We’ll talk more about the importance of these actions shortly.

Storing patio furniture in a shed or garage is a good way to protect it from the elements. If you don’t have enough space indoors, you can also cover the furniture with a tarp or plastic sheeting.

Patio Furniture Winter Storage—Drying and Cleaning

We’ve briefly touched upon the importance of cleaning and drying each of these items of furniture, but to prepare them for long-term storage, we want to elaborate a little bit further.

When you remove any cushions or pillows from your patio furniture, clean them separately using mild soap and water.

Use a soft brush or cloth to wipe down all of the surfaces of your patio furniture. Be sure to pay special attention to areas that tend to collect dirt and dust, such as the legs and arms of chairs and tables.

Once you’ve brushed away all of the dirt and dust, it’s time to rinse off your patio furniture with clean water. A garden hose with a spray attachment works well for this task.

Of course, don’t forget to dry these items after cleaning. This may seem like a no-brainer, but if there’s even a little bit of moisture left on your chairs or table, it can cause mold and mildew to grow, and nobody wants to deal with that come springtime.

So, after you clean each of your patio furniture items, pad them down with a towel, maybe even a hair dryer for the cushions.

Storage for Patio Furniture—Courtesy of Advantage

Advantage Storage trusts that you are well equipped to clean and prepare your patio furniture for winter storage, but we also know that sometimes the space to complete that task just doesn’t exist at home, at least not in any convenient way. So instead of stressing about the umbrellas looking out of place in your basement, invest in some high quality external storage for the winter season.

Serving in states all over the country, Advantage has facilities with strong security, versatile rental options, and clean storage for all your patio furniture storage needs. Take a look at our extensive list of locations to find the one nearest to you, and let’s get you set up with the best fit before that first snowfall comes knocking!

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