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Five Spring Cleaning Tips to Transform Your Home

If your spring cleaning routine doesn’t include self storage, reconsider. Learn how Advantage helps organize Garland, TX, home this season.

Spring is knocking at your front door. Crack open a couple windows, let in some cool air, and prepare yourself to clean and declutter your home like you said you would do once winter ended. Whether you’re in the market for some added organizational space or just want some advice on cutting down on clutter, Advantage Storage in Garland, TX, can help.

Five Tips for Spring Cleaning and Decluttering

Home organization begins and ends with smart, practical advice that anyone can use. As you think about decluttering, consider putting these tips into practice to make the process much easier.

Make it manageable: tackle one task at a time.

If you’re in the process of cleaning and decluttering, there are two ways to approach it: all-at-once or a little bit at a time. Regardless of which method you choose, you probably want to wrap it all up as quickly as possible. As you think about what rooms to tackle first, procrastinating could cause you to suffer from “analysis paralysis” and not make any progress at all!

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to do large chunks of decluttering at a time, break it up into whatever pieces you can manage. Ten minutes here and there can go a long way to a clean home. Spend some time opening the mail and sorting it out, going through a shelf or two in your closet, or packing away some toys or other items to store or donate.

Recruit your roommates (or family members) to help.

If you live with family or roommates, enlist help from as many of them as you can. Decluttering and spring cleaning as a group can be much more rewarding (and less stressful) than going it alone. Consider making a game out of the process by asking who can clear the most clutter. Don’t forget that you can always entice your household to participate by reminding them of how much space they’ll open for new things by storing the old ones!

Build momentum with small tasks first.

Begin with whatever room you believe will be quickest, so you can build a sense of momentum with your cleaning and organizing. Bathrooms and linen closets are often some of the best places to begin because they’re smaller spaces in the home. In addition, it can feel quite productive to organize two or three small rooms in the span of time it would take to start with a larger one.

Clean shelves from the top down.

If part of your cleaning and organization process involves “deep cleaning” by dusting or using chemicals, work your way from the top down. There’s nothing more demoralizing than cleaning a shelf, only to have dust from the one above flutter down onto your freshly clean space. By dusting or cleaning from the top down, you can trust the bottom shelf will truly be the last one to give some love to.

Be realistic about what you should keep—and what you should store.

When you set out to organize a space, you’re probably optimistic that you’ll clear up lots of room. Unfortunately, getting sentimental about items that you’re packing away can often lead to them being put right back on the shelf. Ask yourself key questions about each item in a space you’re decluttering, such as:

  • How long has it been since I used this?
  • Do I still really need this more than once a year?
  • What can I free up space for by storing this?

Embrace the Potential of Self Storage

Whether you’re downsizing from a house to an apartment or simply need to clear out some valuable space in your garage, closets, or other areas of your Garland, TX, home, Advantage Storage on Campbell Road can help. Visit our facility and take advantage of great features, including climate-controlled storage units and moving supplies you can purchase on-site. If you need additional storage tips, check out our blog!

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