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Understanding Estate Planning: What It Is and Why It Matters

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Estate planning is an essential process of arranging an individual’s assets and properties for the future. It typically involves deciding who will manage assets, property, and health care in case of incapacitation or death. Creating a will or living trust is the backbone of estate planning, and it ensures that people carry out their loved one’s wishes after they die. 

Estate planning is critical as it can help avoid probate, reduce taxes, provide for family members, and give the individual and loved ones peace of mind. Which is why creating a thorough plan is crucial for anyone who wants to ensure they care for their family when they are gone. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, there are many ways self storage can help. This guide from Advantage Storage explores how renting a self storage unit can play a vital role in your estate planning process. 

Benefits of Self Storage for Estate Planning

Self storage can be an excellent resource in estate planning. One of the primary benefits of having a storage unit is that it provides a secure and affordable way to store personal belongings, documents, and other essentials. This is a great way to keep items protected, organized, and accessible for family members or beneficiaries who may need them after they pass away. 

Additionally, storage units offer flexibility and convenience, allowing individuals and families to downsize their homes, move to a new location, or store items during the estate settlement process. Self storage can be a valuable asset in estate planning, providing peace of mind for individuals and their families.

How to Choose a Self Storage Facility for Estate Planning

When you’re searching for the best self storage facility to meet your needs, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind, Location, accessibility, and security are the main considerations when choosing a storage facility. A nearby facility with 24/7 security features, gated access, and on-site staff provides peace of mind that personal belongings are secure. Climate-controlled units are crucial for storing valuable and delicate items. Other considerations include pricing, unit size, and insurance options. Thorough research and asking questions can help you find a suitable self storage facility for you and your family’s estate planning needs.

Preparing Items for Self Storage: Best Practices

Before you start the moving or storage process, there are steps you need to take to make the most of your self storage experience. Tasks include decluttering and sorting items, gathering suitable packing materials, labeling boxes, and creating an inventory list. 

Once in your unit, be sure to elevate items on pallets or raised platforms to prevent damage from humidity, moisture, or pests. Any items you need easy access to should be placed toward the front of your unit so you don’t need to crawl over boxes and other items to access them. It is also recommended to create a storage unit map to indicate where all of your belongings are stored. This will allow anyone who accesses your unit to easily find what they’re looking for. Following these best practices ensures well-organized, protected, and accessible belongings when needed.

Storing Sentimental Items and Family Heirlooms

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If you’re storing sentimental items or anything made of delicate materials such as wooden furniture, clothing made of leather or lace, electronics, or vinyl records, there are extra steps needed when placing these items in storage. Any items that are temperature-sensitive should be stored in a climate-controlled storage unit for an extra layer of protection. These units maintain a steady range of temperatures for added protection against melting, warping, and cracking. Rent climate-controlled storage and enjoy peace of mind knowing your items are guarded against extreme hot and cold temperatures. 

Document Storage and Safekeeping

Document storage and safekeeping are critical for businesses and individuals to secure important documents. Legal contracts, deeds, wills, medical records, and sensitive information need fast and organized storage. Placing these documents, or copies of them, in your storage unit ensures that they can be accessed by your family when needed. In addition, features like surveillance cameras and restricted access limit unauthorized access. With document storage and safekeeping, you’ll have the peace of mind that your essential papers are secure, yet accessible, when needed.

Temporary Storage During Estate Settlement

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Temporary storage is a standard solution for those who need to store items during estate settlement. With a range of storage unit sizes available at most facilities, you can store anything from boxes of documents and personal belongings to large pieces of furniture and equipment. 

Most facilities offer month-to-month leases so you can rent a unit for exactly the amount of time you need. Not sure what size unit would work best? Storage unit size guides provide a look into common unit sizes and recommendations of what to store in each. 

Downsizing and Moving Homes with Self Storage

Self storage at Advantage Storage makes downsizing and moving homes less overwhelming. We offer a range of unit sizes to accommodate all belongings during the transition, which includes sentimental items that may need more space in your new home without cluttering it. By keeping things in a self storage unit, individuals can free up space in their homes and make it easier to stage and sell the property. With flexible leasing options and security features like video surveillance and electronic gate access, our service provides peace of mind. We also recommend brushing up on storage guides to make your moving experience a breeze. 

Renting a Self Storage Unit with Advantage Storage

Self storage is essential for estate planning and can benefit you every step of the way. Advantage Storage offers units in a variety of sizes so you can store everything from documents to furniture, to family heirlooms and do so with peace of mind. With locations in Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and beyond, Advantage Storage has your storage needs covered. Find a facility near you, browse availability, and rent or reserve a unit online today.

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