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3 Things to Know about Musical Instrument Storage

musical instrument storage

Taking care of your musical instrument is a process of maintenance and protection. Instruments are expensive, but if they are handled properly, they can last for a long time. Whether you own a few instruments that you aren’t using now or have a large piano that needs to be stored for a while, there are things that you can do to prepare and protect your instrument. Look at three things Advantage Storage wants to share with you about musical instrument storage.

How to Prepare Your Instruments for Storage

The preparation of storing your instrument may vary depending on what type of instrument you play. Here are some tips on how to prepare different types of instruments.

String and Woodwind Instrument Storage Preparation

  • Separate sections of your instrument
  • Avoid sticky pads by placing tissue paper in between
  • Loosen strings to avoid tension

How to Prepare Drums and Pianos for Storage

  • Utilize a tarp or sheet for coverage
  • Sections of the piano should be wrapped separately
  • Disassemble the drum set and pack pieces appropriately

How to Protect Your Instrument in Storage

As an instrument owner, you probably already have a case for your instrument. If you own a soft case that is mostly used for day-to-day use, however, you may need a hard case. A hard case will be very dependable, especially if your instrument will be stored for a long period of time. The hard exterior will protect against unexpected drops, falls, and environmental damages.

Whatever kind of instrument you plan on storing, place it on shelves (if possible) or lift it off the floor. This way, it will be better protected from any temperature changes. If you have space at home to store your instruments, shelving or racks can keep your instruments off the floor and out of the way.

The Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage

The best way to store an instrument is in an area with climate control or regulated temperatures. Extreme or sudden changes in temperature—both hot and cold—can warp your instrument or cause other damage. Do not store musical instruments in areas that are often exposed to moisture, such as basements, or extreme heat, like attics. If there’s not a space available in your home that meets these requirements, consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit at a self-storage facility near you.

Choosing a self-storage facility to store your instrument is the safest option as they can provide climate control. At Advantage Storage, we offer many units of different sizes with this feature. Climate control protects your instrument from damage due to extreme temperatures and helps avoid the accumulation of mold on your musical instruments.

Find an Advantage Storage Near You

At Advantage Storage, we understand that your musical instrument means a lot to you. No matter the reason for needing to store your instruments, we offer lots of convenient features to make your storing experience stress-free. With month-to-month leasing and affordable rates, find a location near you to explore our availability of climate-controlled units.

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