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10 Questions to Ask Any Moving Company Before You Hire Them

Before you hire a moving company, ask these ten questions to ensure you’re getting the best customer service, safety, and pricing. movers unloading a moving van

Whether it’s across town or cross-country, so much work goes into relocating. Friends share their best moving tips, and you have a list of smart storage tips. Even after all that, hiring the right moving company is one of the biggest decisions you can make for your move. Want to make it with confidence? These 10 questions can help.

10 Questions for Any Moving Company

Is the mover licensed and insured?

Make this the first question you ask before hiring a moving company. A long-haul carrier must adhere to U.S. Department of Transportation regulations covering licensing and insurance. Ask for proof of the mover’s certification.

Are their references solid?

A reputable mover doesn’t mind providing references. Look at testimonials posted on their website. Read online reviews, check with friends, and talk to real estate professionals for their advice.

How experienced are your movers?

This is one of the most important questions to ask the moving company. Do they handle long-distance moves or only operate in-state? Whether you’re moving to a high-rise in another city or a new home across town, confirm their capabilities.

Does the mover’s estimate cover everything?

Moving costs are generally based on rates per pound and miles covered. However, the cost of a short haul might be determined by estimated hours. Ask for details, including special charges and required deposits. Get it all in writing before signing a contract.

Do moving pros handle all the packing?

Many moving companies offer additional pack-up services. Find out how much they charge. You may want to save your time by covering the extra cost. If not, ask them for insider packing and moving tips that can make the job easier. You may even want to split the difference, having them pack and prep bulky items such as mattresses or dressers.

Should you worry about subcontractors?

Long-distance movers sometimes transfer loads between carriers. That can involve bringing in subcontractors. If your move requires a handoff, verify the subcontractor’s credentials and contact information.

Can the movers guarantee delivery dates?

You can often confirm delivery dates for short-distance moves, but long hauls must factor in variables, such as weather and road conditions. If you get a delivery time estimate, insist on frequent updates and contact information. Not knowing where your items are during transit can be a major source of anxiety.

What if something goes wrong?

The best movers make mistakes. Belongings can get damaged during transport. You might be unhappy with the company’s performance. In some cases, your apartment or home could be damaged by their actions. Find out now how they process claims and handle complaints, paying close attention to any fine print.

Does the moving company offer discounts?

Before hiring movers, ask about different movers’ discounts. Many moving companies offer special rates for members of the military, senior citizens, teachers, and college students. Be sure to check for off-season discounts in fall and winter, too.

Can they deliver to storage unit?

You may not want everything delivered to your new address, especially if you’re still shopping for a new home. Ask the movers about leaving part of the load at your storage facility. Before they arrive, arrange a set time for the transfer so that you can give them access to the unit and ensure everything gets properly unloaded.

We Help You Feel at Home

It’s easier to choose a moving company when you know what to ask. We’re happy to share moving tips and storage tips that make it easier. Whether moving across the country or just across town, Advantage Storage can help you stay organized. Count on Advantage Storage for the extra space you need to feel at home.

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