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Cleaning Furniture and Other Large Household Items

Shot of a woman cleaning her table with a cloth.

When taken care of, good furniture and appliances can prove to be a valuable asset to your homelife for years. However, this involves frequent and proper care and cleaning on all items. While it might seem like a lot of stress and work on the surface, with the right tips and tricks, you can make furniture and appliance cleaning a smooth and enjoyable process.

In this blog post, our team at Advantage Storage will show you effective and efficient cleaning techniques specially tailored towards larger items like furniture and appliances.

The Benefits of Clean Furniture and Appliances

Before you begin cleaning your furniture and appliances, you must understand why you should even do it in the first place. Clean furniture and appliances bring about a ton of benefits such as better air quality, reduced odor, and longer furniture life. In addition to this, similar to the benefits that you get from decluttering, it can reduce stress and increase productivity around your house.

Furniture Cleaning Tips

Now that you know the benefits that come from cleaning larger items, it’s time to get started. When it comes to cleaning furniture, there are several steps and practices you can use regardless of the furniture type. Here are just a few cleaning tips for you to use:

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Clean pillows and blankets
  • Use water sparingly
  • Remove pet hair as soon as possible
  • Refer to furniture manufacturer instructions for cleaning

Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

The first type of furniture to look into cleaning are upholstered items. With their softer material, they are more prone to having wear and tear. Thankfully, by vacuuming frequently and cleaning with soft material like baby wipes, you can help keep your upholstered furniture in tiptop shape.

One additional part of cleaning to know is how to get stains out of a couch. Once you have found a solution that works well with your couch and other upholstered furniture, apply it gently on the stained area and let it sit for best results. Consider getting an upholstery cleaner for your home to better streamline your process.

Upholstered furniture getting vacuumed by a cleaner.

Cleaning Wood Furniture

Unlike upholstered furniture which commonly acquires stains, wood furniture runs the risk of gaining marks and losing its polish over time. To avoid this from happening, you can clean your wooden furniture by removing old polish, getting rid of any marks and water stains, and repolishing.

Appliance Cleaning Tips

Moving from the living room and into the kitchen, it’s time to move onto the appliances. However, unlike furniture, each appliance has similar yet distinct cleaning requirements between one another. Not every appliance should be cleaned the same way. Allow us to offer steps to clean several appliances found around your kitchen.

Refrigerator Clean Out

Among the most important appliances to keep clean is your refrigerator. To start, after removing all items from the fridge, wipe down and dry all shelves and drawers. Additionally, clean the outside with a cloth sprayed with all-purpose cleaner. To remove any odors from the inside, fill a container with baking soda and place inside on the bottom shelf to absorb odor.


One next logical step is to tackle cleaning your dishwasher. Clean up any food bits found inside and wipe down any grime. If you don’t see blatant grime, try to still wipe down your dishwasher weekly. For deep cleanings, there are capsules such as Cascade that you can purchase to remove any trapped food bits and residue not taken out by hand or wipe.

Kitchen Stove

Another important appliance to clean frequently is the kitchen stove. Scrub away any food bits before they harden or get cooked on the stove surface. This involves wiping down the stovetop after cooking and cooling with all-purpose cleaner sprayed onto a cloth. Have stains on your stove surface? Refer to manufacturer instructions and utilize the strongest cleaner your stovetop can handle and let it soak.

Person with glove and sponge in hand cleaning their oven.


Cleaning the stovetop? Might as well take care of the oven while you’re at it. If your oven has a self-cleaning feature, utilize that. After running a self-clean, make sure to clean out any loose grime or food bits leftover. One DIY solution optimal for oven cleaning is a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and water. 


Finally, there’s the microwave to consider. If you’re wiping your microwave clean, start at the top and work your way down. That way any leftover grime will accumulate at the bottom, which is easier to wipe up than elsewhere. On top of that, make sure you remove and clean the tray as well.

Use Self Storage for Furniture and Appliance Protection

See yourself not having enough space for all your furniture at home? Your best option for making space is to rent self storage. The best storage unit will provide quality protection for your large items like furniture all at a competitive monthly rate. Alongside the storage unit itself, you’ll also receive access to a unique set of features to make your experience as seamless as possible.

It’s also best to ensure you have the right packing supplies for storage as that can help add extra protection to your larger items.

Find Ideal Furniture Storage at Advantage Storage

Don’t let your furniture collect dust and sustain damage and turn to Advantage Storage for help. With locations across multiple states, our top-notch self storage will provide you with enough room to not only make some much-needed space at home but not have to worry about giving up furniture passed down the family line in the meantime. Don’t wait and contact us online to get started today!

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