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Property Management

"Most people won't do the hard work it takes to make success easy." - Jeffery Gitomer, Customer Loyalty is Worthless

Never in the history of the self-storage industry have competitive pressures resulting from overbuilding made the need for competent, resourceful property management more evident. Storage owners can no longer rely on mediocre management expertise and outdated practices to provide the results to which they have become accustomed.

Advantage Storage Management has assembled the team and mastered the skills that will help you achieve the success you deserve. If you own one or more self-storage facilities and are looking for ways to increase net operating income and reduce or eliminate the hassles of day-to-day management, we encourage you to explore our third-party management services.

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Choosing Property Management

"The best parachute folders are those who jump themselves" - Anonymous

Choosing the right management company for your facility could be the most important decision you make when investing in self-storage.

Listed below are questions owners should consider when shopping for a management company.

Experience - How long has the management company been in business?

The storage industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years and many new companies entered the 3rd party management business with little or no experience. Advantage has 15 years experience managing self-storage facilities in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

Focus - What is the company's main business?

Many management companies main business is not self-storage management, but rather the brokerage business. Their objective is to manage your store, obtain the right to act as the exclusive listing Broker and receive the commission upon sale. Advantage's primary business is owning and operating self-storage facilities. We understand the issues surrounding ownership, and can help guide you through various issues that arise outside the daily operational scope.

Size - How large is the Organization?

Many self-storage management companies are small organizations that offer very little organizational depth. Others are national behemoths whose ability to focus on the specific challenges of your individual facility is questionable. For the North Texas area, Advantage offers an ideal blend, large enough to offer necessary resources and small enough to remain focused on your concerns.

Marketing Resourcefulness - Does the management company have a website targeting the consumer?

A good website is critical to the success of your store. The management company should provide a website that drives rentals to your store and provides consumers with pricing and availability information.

Identity - Does the management company have brand recognition?

Most management companies don't operate under a consistent branding scheme or trade name. This undermines their ability to leverage economies of scale for printed marketing materials, Internet advertising, and other media. A management company with consistent branding builds consumer recognition and drives rentals to your store.

Value - What is their management fee?

Management fees typically are based on a percentage of a store's monthly total revenue; the percentage can range from 4%-8% depending on the scope of services.

Our commitments to you

Our third-party self-storage property management services are dedicated to increasing the value of our client's property. We are unwavering in our pledge to provide you with a comprehensive strategy and management execution that addresses all your property management needs.

We promise to:

Listen Carefully.

We will learn about you, your facilities and your objectives. We will loyally conduct operations in a manner consistent with you directives and approved operating budget.

Maintain Confidentiality.

We will honor the importance of your business privacy, and will always keep your sensitive, competitive information confidentia

Manage Your Business Like it Was Our Own.

We promise to treat your business with the same attention to excellence and focus on profitability that we do our own.

Take Responsibility.

We will be accountable to you for our actions.

Creatively and Effectively Market your Facility.

We will utilize our experience and innovative ideas to enthusiastically present your facility to the marketplace. We will apply both proven and innovative techniques for maximizing your effective income.

Keep You Informed.

We will communicate with you frequently, providing accurate and insightful information about the performance of your property. We will honestly communicate both the reasonable expectations and results of our management activities.

Be There for You.

As one of our clients, you will receive dedicated service in person, on the phone, and online.

Protect Your Competitive Advantage.

We will not develop or manage another storage facility that directly competes with yours.