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Four Storage Tips for Your Remote Learning Area

Whether you are returning to remote learning or trying it for the first time, keep your kids focused on learning with these remote learning organization tips. Learn how storage can help you manage your space! Child smiling at their homeschool desk

Whether you’re doing distance learning as a full-time option or engaged in some form of hybrid learning, ensuring your kids have a dedicated space to work on schoolwork can help make a difference when it comes to their participation, focus, and experience. If you’re not sure what you should do to help foster that environment, we have some tips.

How to Keep Your Home Classroom Organized for Remote Learning

Tailor the Space to Your Child

Depending on how old your kiddo is, they may do well with their own dedicated space in a private room. On the other hand, young children might need someone else nearby (and not just for supervision purposes). The main thing to keep in mind when designating a learning space is to keep it consistent. Developing learning habits starts with getting into the right mindset, and that dedicated space can help prep them for learning.

When you’re developing a space or desk for your child’s learning, keep some of the following things in mind:

  • The bedroom might offer a quiet place to study, but it’s also filled with distractions.
  • Computers, tablets, or phones in their bedroom might tempt them to stay up late.
  • Desks might become dumping grounds for other things (such as toys or other items).

Buy the Right Size Desk

Buying a new desk? Picking one out for a student shouldn’t have to make you feel like Goldilocks. Compact desks (not tiny ones) that can accommodate worksheets, workbooks, and other school supplies are important for elementary age children, while sturdier desks are great for junior and senior high school students who will spend the whole day there.

Wherever distance learning is going to happen, set some ground rules for online and offline time and be sure to focus on making the space comfortable with the right chair height—especially if they’ll be sitting there for hours on end. Seat cushions, foot rests, and lumbar support pillows can help with posture.

Of course, if you are dedicating a space in your home to distance learning, you may need to shift some things around. When you find yourself short on space, consider renting a storage unit near you to make that room available for learning (or as a remote office).

Give Them the Tools They Need

Remote learning involves using a computer or tablet to communicate with both peers and teachers, but don’t neglect the other materials they’ll need to learn. Pencils, pens, rulers, scissors, and notebooks all need someplace to go, as do their schoolbooks.

While we’re talking about additional supplies, consider investing in a good pair of durable noise-cancelling headphones. These aren’t 100% necessary, but if the remote learning space is a shared one, they can help multiple kiddos avoid interrupting one another during “class.”

Where should all these materials go? Staying organized as a student is hard enough, and it’s even more difficult when learning materials are scattered all around the house or stuffed into stacks.

Some options for keeping these items organized include:

  • Using your student’s backpack as the one-size-fits-all storage solution
  • Investing in a rolling cart to keep track of everything
  • Sorting items into on- or under-desk storage drawers that are clearly labeled

Don’t Neglect Wall Space to Help Things Run Smoothly

Part of staying organized is following a schedule, and using a whiteboard or printed wall calendar with your students’ regular schedule is a great way to do that. In addition to the important stuff, be sure to block out some “fun time” for them. Even a five-minute stretch break can help with the monotony of online learning and help them feel a little more at ease.

Don’t Worry Too Much About the Small Stuff

When it comes to remote learning, remember that your space doesn’t have to be a Pinterest perfect replica of a normal (or home school) classroom. Whether you’re facing space limitations, looking to re-purpose a spare bedroom, or entertaining long-term remodeling, there are plenty of hacks and tricks out there to maximize your space. One way we can help is to provide you with ample storage space.

To learn more about how storage can benefit you, check out our blog. If you’re looking to free up some room in your home’s closets or garage, visit a location near you!

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