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Best Ways To Store Your Video Games and Consoles

A stack of disks in clear cases sit on the edge of a shelf

Whether you just picked up a controller with the latest console generation or you’ve been gaming since the time Atari reigned supreme, you know how to value the fun that comes from video games. You also know that console gaming can result in a lot of boxes, peripherals, and other hardware piling up all and taking up valuable space in your home. In this guide, we have suggestions for great ways to store your games and consoles to get them out of the way while still keeping them ready for use.

Protecting Disks and Cartridges Against Damage

A game case is open showing an orange disc inside

Storing your video games comes with a lot of variables. How big are the games? Are they discs or cartridges? How easily do I need to access these games? All these questions are important to answer when considering how to store your games. If you want easy access to your games, bookshelves, storage cabinets, and disk towers are good choices for storing discs in their original cases. For smaller cartridges, card sleeves are a good choice to keep them safe and organized. In a similar vein, CD wallets work well for organizing your disc-based media. Some companies, like Nintendo, make cases designed to hold their specific games.

If you’re looking for longer-term storage for your games, plastic, weatherproof bins are the ideal storage solution. If you’re concerned about light fading your game cases, opaque containers can help block out the light and keep your cases looking brand new. If you’re storing video games or consoles in a storage facility, we recommend choosing a climate-controlled storage unit for an added layer of protection. These units help protect against temperature-related damage that can cause certain items to warp, melt, or crack. Climate-controlled storage is especially important to electronics because extreme temperatures can affect their ability to function properly. 

Keeping Your Consoles Clean 

A retro gaming console with cords is surrounded by game cartridges and controllers

Storing your consoles can be as simple as setting it by your TV ready to use. However, this plan gets much more complicated when a new console comes out and you’re left with two taking up space. The longer you decide to game, the more consoles you’ll need until space becomes a major issue. We have tips to help you set up your new console and store your previous one, so they’re both ready to use when you want them. We also have advice on taking care of retro equipment.

Modern Consoles

While modern consoles don’t require the same level of care as older models, proper attention can help them last longer. It’s important for your entertainment setup to allow airflow so the console’s fans can cool it down and prevent overheating. In addition, it should be easy to access and clean so you can remove any dirt and dust that would clog up the fans. Without proper cleaning, you can experience game crashes from overheating, or, in the worst cases, you might start a small fire.

When you’re packing a modern console away for long-term storage, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Don’t rely on the console’s original box for protection. The cardboard isn’t waterproof or particularly sturdy. Plastic containers, especially waterproof ones, are a much better option. Try to keep any wires for your console with it and wrap them so they don’t get tangled. You can also label them if you’re storing multiple consoles and wires together. You should also keep your electronics stored somewhere with consistent and mild temperatures to prevent any damage from the heat or cold. 

Retro Consoles

Retro consoles aren’t so different from modern ones, but the hardware in them is older and you might not be able to replace the wires or controllers if they get damaged. Protecting retro consoles can take some additional time, but it’s worth it to be able to play some of your favorite games from back in the day. Most of the advice with modern consoles applies to retro ones, but their age can make them more fragile. Take extra caution to keep them dust-free and to coil wires loosely enough to not cause any damage. Storing wires in a separate container is one way to keep them safe. 

Find Climate-Controlled Storage for Your Video Game Storage at Advantage

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